Satellite and Cable TV (SMATV/CATV/MATV)

Satellite and Cable TV

SMATV (satellite antenna access television) distributing RF and IF signals using fiber and coaxial cable for buildings, hotels, residential apartments, hotels and big cities and INTER-ACTIVE TV for hotels.

Buildex CATV infrastructure include coverage of cable operators and cable infrastructure, cable television, cable modems, VOD (video on demand), residential gateways, amplifiers, drop cable, DSL, and hybrid fiber coax telephony. This comprehensive range of products supplies high output power capabilities and enables an extremely cost effective system so-lution for cable network operators.
For nearly two decades, BUILDEX CABLE TV has developed a leading market position as a thematic channels provider and distributor of international satellite feeds.



Satellite television channels can be provided for entertainment and news and business channels for an update on the recent events. With a dish farm and head-end station, BUILDEX LOW VOLTAGE SYSETM will be able to provide almost all the terrestrial and paid channels available in the region. The Client can provide to the tenants, all the free to air channels available in the region. Provision for pay channels can also be provided.