Power Solutions

UPS & ATS System

We know that operating the core business is your number one priority, so you don’t need to be worrying about your electric power needs. With the complete integration of products and support from Buildex, you can be sure your electric power needs are met.

Integration can mean a lot of things. Here at Buildex, we combine them all to supply power solutions that get the job done right.

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
Buildex offers one of the broadest ranges of transfer switch products in the marketplace and incorporates a solutions-based approach for CSA/UL/IEC listed applications. Cat ATS products offer differentiated features that simplify installation, operation, and system integration, yet are suitable for a wide array of environments from residential, industrial, commercial, and governmental to critical process and life-safety applications.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
We know the importance of quality power to your operation. Whether supporting critical processes, or defending servers from harmful power problems, Buildex UPS Systems will provide years of low-maintenance protection. Yielding the lowest operating costs in the industry, Buildex UPS system will provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Caterpillar is standing beside you in your efforts to grow your business.


Central Battery System

From an aesthetics point of view, the self-contained emergency luminaire is often frowned upon by architects and building users, who prefer to see a single type of luminaire utilised for both normal and emergency lighting. Probably the most elegant way of achieving this goal is to select a number of mains luminaires for emergency use and power them from a central battery system.
The output from such systems can be controlled and used exactly like the normal mains supply, so different types of system can be configured to match customers’ requirements. In the case of AC/AC systems, the output can be connected directly to suitably designed mains luminaires so that, without having to make any modification to the luminaires, they operate at full light output under both ‘mains healthy’ and ‘mains failed’ conditions. This enables the emergency lighting system to be extremely unobtrusive and versatile.
Although their prime function is to provide luminaires with power during emergency operation, central battery systems can also be considered as an alternative lighting circuit which, in many cases, makes a valuable contribution to the operation of the building. Maintained outputs can be provided for minimal extra cost, and as the whole circuit can be isolated very simply, control of maintained lights or signs is much easier than with individually switched, self-contained luminaires.